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Canceling your membership results in immediate removal from the private Facebook group. Upon canceling  your membership you will be automatically removed from the Eat Move Rest Club Facebook group regardless of how much time is left on your membership. You should cancel toward the end of the billing cycle so you optimize the time you have paid for. Canceling your membership forfeits any time remaining on your billing cycle as it pertains to access to the private Facebook group.
There are no refunds for any time remaining on your billing cycle. Eat Move Rest reserves the right to cancel a membership at any time for any reason, which forfeits any remaining time on your billing cycle.

The EatMoveRest Club Yearly Membership

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What you'll get:

  • Access to download the Eat Move Rest Meal Planner & Recipe App (mobile & desktop-friendly)
    • also contains workouts, meditations, & blog posts
  • Entire Eat Move Rest Ebook Collection:
    • Family Favorites Recipe Ebook
    • 3-Day Juice Feast Ebook
    • 5-Day Raw Reset Ebook
  • Eat Move Rest Helpful Handouts:
    • What I Eat In A Day PDF
    • How To Go Vegan PDF
    • Top Foods To Eat Daily PDF
    • Go-To Green Smoothie Recipe PDF
  • Eat Move Rest Total Wellness Training Video
  • Periodic Expert Guest Speakers
  • Access to Private Facebook Group
  • Private Member Forum (Off Social Media)
  • Weekly Motivational Livestream Q&A w/ Erin & Dusty

  • Monthly Interactive Group Coaching Zoom Chats
  • World Class Health & Lifestyle Coaching
  • High-Level Accountability, Connection & Network 
  • Library Access To All Livestream Replays
  • Exclusive Live Cooking Demos, Fitness Classes, Meditations & Breath Work
  • 50% Off Any New Courses, Ebooks & Other Digital Content
  • Extra Discounts on Favorite Brands
  • First Dibs on Retreats, Merchandise Presales & Other Events


* There is no contract, so you can cancel at any time, no risk, no obligation!  

**Because instant digital downloads are not returnable and the nature of coaching depends on the client’s commitment level to see the success they desire, our fees are nonrefundable. See Terms & Conditions for refund policy.

What People Are Saying:

I joined Eat Move Rest a little less than a year ago, mainly for the recipes. I found Erin and Dusty scrolling thru Instagram on the search button and saw a picture of Erin pregnant and also holding the baby at different stages after pregnancy and couldn't believe how incredible she looked. I clicked on her profile, thinking this was spam, but found the opposite. Erin and Dusty have always responded quickly to messages which amazed me even more and bonus they are fellow Christians. I then joined their app for the recipes, absolutely loving the Green drink they make. My husband and 19 year old son are meat eaters, but my 21 year old daughter went WFPB in 2019 (after watching movie GameChangers) and I am about 80% WFPB working towards 100%. I was desperately looking for good recipes as I wanted my daughter to succeed in this lifestyle as she hates to cook and I was really lost how to cook WFPB. I like that EMR uses "real" food and not junk Vegan food in their recipes. We are business owners and stay super busy so I love the quick and simple recipes in the EMR app. I have lost 40 pounds and my daughter about 25. I am excited to be part of the Eat Move Rest Club. My only regret, is I wish I had this information when my kids were little or sooner. Thank you Erin and Dusty for sharing your journey, your Faith, your family and information!

Ginger B.

Joining the EatMoveRest Club is already proving to be one of my best decisions in 2024! I'm on a journey to becoming more plant-based and having access to additional resources, recipes and the community itself is bringing me such joy and inspiration. Following Instagram posts is great, but being an active participant with like-minded people is what this membership allows. We get to contribute as well as receive information that can bring health and wellness to our lives. This fosters accountability. Thank you, Erin & Dusty, for helping us live our best lives. Your direct interaction with those of us in the Club makes it even more meaningful.

Jo S.

I absolutely love this group! I will be 67 in a few months and have never felt better. So far I've approx made it 80% plant-based with the help of Erin and Dusty. I haven’t made it a 100% yet, but with their help I will! All my skin products and food are clean. No filters or fillers…. Fruits and veggies are my goal!!!! 💜

Takoda M.

Erin and Dusty have identified that social media is a valuable resource, but connecting directly with the community is what helps keep us motivated. It feels so good to connect with individuals all over the globe who are trying to live a plant-based lifestyle and take care of themselves. EMR Club's positive vibes & supportive community inspired me to start a local plant-based meetup in Iowa! No one should feel isolated on this journey.

Jenna G.